Wedding photographer Loughborough

In August I had the chance to photograph a wedding in Loughborough, England.

Leicestershire is such a beautiful area. As always on my destination weddings I arrived a day earlier and with my rented car I drove around not only to see the countryside but to get familiar with the wedding venues going into the weekend.

Namely, Elinor, the bride got ready in a hotel nearby called the Quorn Grange Hotel, Leicestershire. It was about a 10 minute drive from Loughborough. It is a beautiful and well known hotel and also a wedding venue.

In the meantime – and before the ceremony – David, the groom went to the local pub the Organ Grinder Pub with his friends for a pint. in my opinion it was an excellent idea to just spend some quality time with your fiends and also ease the nerves a little.

The actual ceremony took place in the Loughborough Registry Office. It was a pretty registry office. And conveniently there was a nice lush garden next to it where guests could congratulate and also we took some family formals too.

Unique Wedding Venue Loughborough

If you scroll down and see the images you’ll immediately see why I think its a really unique wedding venue but let me tell you about it. It is located in an industrial part of Loughborough, but also really close to the centre.

It is on the top floor of an old warehouse. As it is a loft like venue it accommodates a large number of guests easily. The owner and also the designer of the venue has an incredible taste and attention to details. He personally collected many of the decorations and prints.  A bed which can disappear into the floor or a crane which holds a tv are just two examples of the original ideas.

On the wedding day a good friend of the bride organised the decorations and flowers which complemented very well with the features of the venue.

If you’d like to have more info about this Unique Wedding Venue Loughborough, please get in touch.

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