Castle Weddings in UK

Weddings in castles in England are a popular choice for many couples who want a fairy tale-like setting for their special day. There are many castles all around England and beyond to chose from, and they are all unique and special in their own way. Wedding photography at castles in the UK can be a truly magical experience for both the couple and the photographer.

Stoke Rochford Hall wedding UK

Stoke Rockford Hall is a victorian country mansion, located in Lincolnshire. The historic and picturesque setting of Stoke Rochford Hall Hotel  provided a stunning backdrop for wedding photos for Bonnie and Karl that they will treasure for a lifetime. The garden with its 100+ year old trees and the castle were as gorgeous as you can imagine. 

This particular wedding was a Chinese wedding in the UK and it was a blend of traditional Chinese customs and modern influences. The wedding included  both Chinese and Western elements.

It began with the tea ceremony, in which Bonnie and Karl served tea to their parents and other senior members of both families. This symbolizes respect and honor to the couple’s parents and elders.

The wedding ceremony was held in the conservatory, and it was such a beautiful and unique way to exchange vows.The space was filled with natural light and it was a really romantic setting for the ceremony. 

We scheduled the portraits for the best part of the day in terms of lights, and so we escaped from the wedding reception for half an hour a little before sunset. you cannot wish more than the castle and the landscaped garden as a background for gorgeous wedding portraits. There is even a little pond by the road leading up towards the castle so we passed by there too.

The day ended with a crazy party and a sparkle exit in the middle of the night…

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