Limestone Heritage Wedding – Waterfall Gardens

A truly unique wedding in Malta with both German and Nigerian traditions. Please scroll down for amazing images of the beautiful couple and their unbelievable party!

Located in the middle of Malta by the traditional village of Siggiewi, this beautiful venue is actually an old limestone quarry.

On ,normal’ days it is a museum showcasing the rich history of Malta and the ways limestone was and still is used in the country. 

The venue though closes its doors to visitors when there’s an event held there. 

Weddings at Limestone Heritage are held in the quarry area, but make no mistake, this is not what it used to be when the quarry was open and running, it is a beautifully designed space with 2 venues together. Don’t worry only one wedding can be held there at one time so the whole venue is yours if you book it. It is a large space but it can accommodate smaller wedding too. One of the weddings I photographed there had only about 50 guest and it didn’t feel like it was empty at all.

There is a grassy area with a beautiful tree where the ceremony or if you like the dinner can be held, and you can walk down a bit further in between olive trees to the Waterfall Gardens. At the Waterfall Gardens as you might guess from its name there is a huge waterfall. It is very impressive, it is sort of fake and can be turned off – more on that later.

There is even a permanent marquee for the not so ideal weather occasions.

Two thoughts about the venue: 

  1. It is a very well organised venue with beautiful spaces in an enclosed area. You don’t have to worry about a long noisy party here. If you would like to have a view from your wedding venue then it is not the one for you though. The place has a nice feel to it, but no panoramic vistas.
  2. The Waterfall Gardens area with the waterfall in the background is really nice however the waterfall itself is very loud in my opinion. You can actually turn off the waterfall so that the wedding is more peaceful like that especially if you have the dinner in front of the waterfall with speeches for example.

One of my best weddings I photographed in Malta was of Pia and Uzoma’s wedding.

It started with a pre-wedding get together on the Saluting Battery in Valletta as the couple had all their guest travelling from abroad, many from the US and the other half from Germany. Both days they had traditional elements from both countries, on the first day, the night before the wedding they organised the so called: Polterabend, the guests break porcelain to bring luck to the couple’s marriage. 

Wedding preparations took place in the beautiful Corinthia Palace San Anton Gardens, both the groom with groomsmen and the bride with bridesmaids were getting ready in the hotel.

The church celebrations were in Valletta in St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral, it is a gorgeous not overdecorated very light church with beautiful columns making it picture perfect. 

As Uzoma is originally from Nigeria, the wedding day was very much influenced by Nigerian Wedding traditions. 

Amongst them was the so called Igbo Wedding Wine celebration whereas both the groomsmen and groom and then the bride with the bridesmaids enter the reception area in their traditional Nigerian attire, after which the groom sort of hides amongst the wedding guests and the bride has to look for the groom and offer him a glass of wine.

For the most amazing party pics from the night at the Waterfall Gardens please scroll all the way down!

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